Life is a crazy journey.

I spent my first years living in the tiny town of Owls Head, which is perched on a spit of land along the rocky coast of Maine. Blink… and you’ll miss it. Try not to though, even today its a wonderful throwback to the small towns everyone longs for.

Growing up as an Army brat, I’ve lived in Germany, Texas, back to Maine, both Carolinas, Florida and Massachusetts. My travels have taken me through most of Europe, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and every state on the east coast. I even made it to England for 6 hours once…unfortunately we never left Heathrow. It was a challenging childhood but also a rich education in the constantly changing landscapes, cultures and people I met along the way.

I wrote my first story in 5th grade, a convoluted Christmas tale that impressed my teacher so much, she forced the class to put it on as a play. Fortunately we moved shortly thereafter so the social ostracism didn’t last too long.

In time I became a wife and mother, story writing morphed into storytelling. I went back to college to become a paralegal. A recommendation from a teacher landed me a job in family court where I became a judicial secretary. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Trust me, it was more like an overly long workshop on extreme characterization. You know, the Twilight Zone/Groundhog Day type of life you can’t seem to escape from?

Along the way a friend needed content for her website and asked me to write some editorials for her. By the time that ended, I knew what I wanted to do. I took classes, found my way to SavvyAuthors and a group of crazy, dedicated, amazing writer friends. 

On the more personal side, I adore old furniture and houses and if I could I would save them all. I believe in magic. Somewhere out in the black Serenity still flies and Jayne Cobb is waiting for me. I’ll take a cold beer over wine any day, straight from the bottle without apologies. Out back is a small barn with a flock of chickens complete with a rooster. He’s mean, I love him anyway. My heart and home are always open to hopeless dogs. Confession time…my dogs sleep in the bed with me.

I’m a country girl with a fetish for city girl shoes and boots who rescues gargoyles and gives them a home. No…really… I’ll share the pictures someday! I have three awesome kids, don’t ask – I have no clue how I accomplished that. Oh, and there’s a great guy who just smiles and shakes his head at my antics. He also makes me laugh everyday. I was smart enough to marry him because in my world, nothing says “I Love You” like laughter. 

Told you, crazy journey. What can you expect from a woman who rescues gargoyles and believes in magic? 

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