Ultimate Book Boyfriends

Ah, the book boyfriend, another perk of being an author. Seriously, what other profession permits you to openly have (imaginary) boyfriends you can explain to your husband without being handed divorce papers? Hey, it’s research, I can’t do my job without it. And talk about selection! There are literally thousands of books out there, with men of every size, shape, color and, well, other attributes. Let’s face it, if you can’t find a book boyfriend, you probably need therapy. Just sayin…

When I began pondering how I was going to pick just five (an arbitrary number my writer friends seem to like to use), I realized right away it wasn’t gonna be easy. There are some seriously talented authors out there Raining Menimagining up some seriously HOT men.

You start skimming back over your reading list to choose five outstanding specimens and trust me, you are going to end up dialing Romance 911 demanding  the Weather Girls bring that rain immediately to cool you off. Or, you could ask about getting Joe Manganiello over to distract you for a while. *sigh*

But enough about the unobtainable men! There’s plenty of fine Book Boyfriends out there and you can have any one you want. Here are my top five…and you know what the best part of all this is? We can share them without the slightest bit of jealousy entering into it.



Zach AngelinoEdge of Sight by Roxanne St. Clair


An Army Ranger, Zach had an amazing three weeks with Sammi before deploying to Iraq and fell in love. His mission was top secret and extremely high risk; his odds of returning slim. Trying to spare her, he never told her how he felt and couldn’t contact her after he left. When he did return, it was minus an eye. He’s not the same and believes more than ever he has nothing to offer Sammi. When she unexpectedly drops back in his life, he finds can’t push her away. When he realizes her life is in danger, he refuses to. Zach is one of those men who doesn’t have to be GQ perfect to make you want him, he is the kind of man you want to be real, scars and all.


Lover AwakenedZsadist Lover Awakened by JR Ward

Z carries the emotional baggage of a life spent chained and raped as a blood slave to a vampire mistress. He is rescued but ends up with disfiguring facial scars to match his warped, almost psychotic emotional ones. He is a walking nightmare fueled by a bottomless pit of rage. But, the contrast between who he is and the trembling reverence with which this over the top alpha male treats his woman places him in the elite category of BBF. Z learning to write so he could show Bella in words how he felt, offered a glimpse into the small bit of innocence left in him, and demonstrated how much of his pride he was willing to leave in the dust for the woman he loves. While he heals emotionally to a certain extent, he holds no illusions that he will ever be “right”. But he will fight and die if necessary, for the woman who, despite all the odds, loves him as he is.


Jackson DeveauHidden Currents by Christine Feehan


Jackson met Elle through a telepathic connection when he was a POW enduring rape and torture. Her voice and presence in his mind kept him alive. Years later, she is kidnapped and raped by a madman who wants her for her psychic ability. Jackson rescues her and it becomes his turn to care for her and convince her that she can be strong again. While he presents a cold, unfeeling exterior to the world, Elle discovers he quietly goes about caring for the disadvantaged and needy around him. His unconditional acceptance of what Elle has endured never once wavers in the face of her ongoing emotional trauma. He is unashamed to have shared every degrading moment of what happened to him with her, and shows her that love can heal the most devastated of hearts.




HeartsinDarknessCaden GraysonHearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye Caden is a scarred firefighter with claustrophobia from a childhood accident that cost him his mother and brother. He owns his scars, not hiding them and wraps himself in tattoos and piercings, but the hard exterior hides a sweet, lonely soul with a heart as big as he is. Trapped in a pitch black elevator with Makenna, who rushed in just as the door closed, neither saw each other before the lights went out. Plunged into his worst nightmare, Caden eventually reaches out and Makenna takes his hand. During the hours they spend together in the blackness, Caden finds the strength to face his fears and insecurities. By the time the lights come back on, Makenna is half in love with him, and you have fallen completely.


Jericho DelaneyChasing Perfect by Ria Boulay (WIP)


How could I not include my own hero, Jericho Delaney, in this list? Jericho is a man who has hit rock bottom, scarred both physically and emotionally. His fiancee leaves him in the hospital as he is recovering, unable to cope with his future. An addiction to painkillers follows him out of the burn unit and onto the streets where he is busted for buying. He lives every day with the knowledge that he has let down his family, his town and friends, but most of all, himself. He retreats to his cabin in the woods to figure out his life. When he agrees to protect a murder witness, he finds his hands full dealing with a woman whose closest brush to the country is a squirrel in Central Park, New York. Sparks fly between him and Cat in more ways than one but resolution isn’t easy to find between two people so very different. How their story ends is something only the Muse knows..and she’s not ready to share just yet.

I can share the inspiration for him though. Taylor Kitsch from Lone Survivor.

There you go. Fine stories, ultimate males.

So what about you? Who are the literary men that have taken up permanent residence in your heart? Post ‘em here so we can all drool over them. When you’re done, go read and maybe you’ll find a new man to add to your list of Ultimate Book Boyfriends.