Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I can only blame, err thank Sahara Roberts for this. Not only has she nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger award (and we won’t discuss the irony of this being my inaugural post) she’s giving me a great way to kick off my full body contact with the blogosphere, whether I’m ready or not. The only reason I’m not plotting against her as we speak, is that I have the opportunity to pay it forward by torturing 7 of my friends. She knows how to lure me in…


The Rules? Easy!

1. Link back to the person nominating you for the award and thank them (sharpens blade)
2. Display the Very Inspiring Blogger logo – ok let’s be honest, it’s way cool…you want this on your blog!
3. Reveal 7 things about yourself (this could go very…very badly…)
4. Select 7 other bloggers to offer up as a sacrifice to the Awards God
5. Post the rules (otherwise how will you know which ones to break?)
6. Be sure to let your chosen victims know what you’ve done to them (this is the best part!!!)


I’m a writer. I’ve concluded that what that means is I’m one of those people who actually listens to the voices in my head, a group I refer to as The Residents. And while it’s true they managed to get my signature on a 99 year rent control contract, I have to point out it was signed after a vodka soaked, post Celtics championship party. So….totally not my fault.


In my misspent youth I owned a 1976 Firethorne red Pontiac Trans-Am with a 455HO, 4 speed tranny and highway gears. 1976_Pontiac_Trans_Am I may have been a less than stellar driver during that time period, but in my defense, I never got a ticket and nobody ever got a nose in front of me. I also drove a nifty 66 Mustang equipped with a small block 289 tricked out with a ¾ race cam. You know for those times when the Trans-Am needed to, uh..not be seen for a while. Yeah…..


I’m an all American country girl stuck in the burbs, a serious tree hugger and health nut. I grow my own veggies, raise chickens, make my own skin care products and in general avoid chemicals and anything non-organic. I’m currently in a love affair with all things herbal (ok well not all – as a more or less law abiding citizen there are herbs I have no interest in, though I pass no judgments!).


ShoesMy shameful secret is hidden in my closet – I’m a shoe and boot addict. Dman (DH, a/k/a My Enabler) tried to set some limits; something about having to get rid of one pair for every new pair I got. My counteroffer to exclude anything that could be termed “bedroom shoes” was accepted. Never heard anything more about limits and I was able to really ramp up my collection. Win/win!


I sleep with dogs. No, not Dman, he’d be classified as a bear.Dogs You know, if we were classifying men in animal terms. Anyway, I’m talking about my real life dogs, two Italian Greyhounds. They weigh 11 pounds each so you’d think they would take up hardly any room. Ha, not so much. After a memorable incident involving one of the tiny terrors and a certain portion of his anatomy, Dman instituted another rule called “Never Again”. But I wouldn’t be opposed to sleeping with other dogs. Sometimes I cuddle with my son’s pit bull. I make no apologies for this.


I’m very passionate about the causes I believe in and I never quit a battle once I engage. If you’re my friend I’ll follow you into Hell and go toe to toe with Lucifer if need be. Being a double Taurus might have something to do with that. I concede that this stubborn streak has led me into some strange situations, but never anything that got me arrested!*note to self – add this to bucket list*


I’m a deeply emotional creature. I often torture myself by watching YouTube videos of returning servicemen and women surprising their kids and dogs. I’ve noticed cats don’t make many appearances in these and when they do, they seem more bemused by the fact that their person was even gone in the first place. This is why I’m a dog person. On the other hand, I’m also somewhat of a sadist since I often amuse myself by watching videos of animals doing really stupid things. I blame the Residents for this contradictory personality issue.


And there you have it. Everything you need to know about me, whether you wanted it or not. Good luck getting that bleached out of your brains!  True to my word, here are my 7 chosen victims:

Michele Barrow-Belisle

Lucy D. Briand

Karen Y. Bynum

Cassandra Carr

Rebekah R. Ganiere

Kendall Grey

Olivia Kelly

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