Secrets and Sins: Malachim is dark, dangerous and delish

Secrets and Sins MalachimChances are excellent you won’t be putting Secrets and Sins: Malachim down for something as trivial as eating, or sleeping. Nope, it’s going to take something a lot bigger to pry this one out of your hands.

In this, the second book of the Secrets and Sins series, Naima Simone grabs you by the throat from the opening line and just refuses to let go. I won’t mislead anyone, the first chapter is dark and ugly, setting the stage for a heroine with a very long way to go before she can find anything resembling a happily ever after. For some readers that sort of thing isn’t what they want to see when the crack open a romance novel. But as much as I enjoy a great fantasy book, I really love to dig into stories that reflect real life. Malachim hits reality out of the park while maintaining the romance arc.

Danielle is an abused wife until the night she realizes she is only one moment of crazed madness away from death. She puts her abusive husband behind bars, divorces him and flees, creating a new identity for herself in another state. She begins life over again in Boston, where she meets Malachim, a lawyer on the edge of losing everything and in desperate need of a paralegal. Out of options and despite her apparent lack of experience, he offers Danielle the job.

Sparks fly between the two from the start, but each has reasons to hold back from exploring their feelings. Both are keeping deadly secrets and both are harboring emotional damage. Each has their past come crashing in one brick at a time until the world seems to be crumbling down around them. Since I don’t do spoilers here, I’ll just leave it there.

Luckily for you, Ms Simone has three more books in the series, beginning with Gabriel, followed by Malachim, Raphael, and finally Chayot. Each is connected as the four men are all best friends, but each also works as a stand alone story. 

One more thing makes this your Friday Read this week. Malachim is free (as of this posting). So go! Get thee post haste to the nearest book purveyor of your choice and grab a copy!

Oh, and if anyone can tell me where I have to go to find that man on the cover, I will be forever in your debt. Not for ME, I’m happily married! It’s for my Man Candy board on Pinterest…there’s an opening.

Can’t have an open space on a Pinterest board…right?

Happy Friday reading everyone and enjoy the weekend!



Tawny Weber Has The Best Four Pack In Town!

A Seal's Seduction Tawny Weber has four stories that add up to some of the best reading you can find, perfect for a long, sultry July 4th weekend spent lying on the beach. That’s right, instead of a single book I’m suggesting you pick up four of them in honor of the holiday and of course, the military. There could also be a teeny bit of truth to the rumor that I’m a huge fan of Tawny’s and I kinda, sorta devour her books as fast as she can write them.

The Uniformly Hot stories have Seal heroes, men with smoking hot, hard bodies and actual functioning brains!  Men who take their creed “Failure is not an option” right into the bedroom and A Seal's Surrenderstraight into a woman’s heart…and maybe a few other places *wink*

Hold on while I pause to catch my breath here…

What makes this series even better you ask? I’m happy to tell you! She’s got at least five more books in the works and it’s quite evident she plans on going through the entire Seal team, the hussy! I can’t begin to tell you how happy it makes me knowing more Seals are deploying soon to a Kindle near me.

A Seal's SalvationSo if you’re interested in grabbing a few books to hold you over for the long weekend, or looking to start a new series that just keeps getting better with each installment, I’m recommending you start with “A Seal’s Seduction” followed by “Surrender“,  “Salvation” and “Kiss“.  The writing is great, the stories are tight and the characters are yummy. I even like the heroines, and you have no idea how much of an effort that can be for me at times!

These stories fall into the category of what I like to think of A Seal's Kissas “contemporary realistic fantasy” and THANK GOODNESS for that kind of story! Who doesn’t need some fantasy now and then/every weekend??

Besides, how many times in life can you combine the pleasure of picking up an entire weekend of great reading AND doing something patriotic? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Most of us will be getting together with family and friends today. There are many places in the world where this can’t even be imagined, where freedom can’t even be conceived as a dream. I’ll take a moment today to reflect and be thankful I live here.

I will also take time to remember our military men and women. Many of them will be away from home and the celebrations. They’re in combat zones and diplomatic posts, on ships, submarines and foreign shores all over the world, protecting us and others. They sacrifice a lot, sometimes everything, and they deserve, at minimum, our thoughts and best wishes for a safe return. So I’m saying thank you to each and every member of our armed forces, men and women whoever you are, wherever you are, for your sacrifice, your dedication and your service. Please stay safe.

Another thanks goes out to Tawny, and all authors of military hero books for reminding us of our soldiers, and giving us great summer reads in the process. The tagline for the Uniformly Hot series really does say it all, not just about her books, but also the real men and women who inspire the stories…

“The few, the proud, the sexy as hell.”

Happy 4th of July everyone!


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